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Personnel training system

★ HwaGen provides a fair and broad development platform for employees of any educational background.

★In our company, you can negotiate personal development plans with your supervisors based on your own strengths and interests. 

★You can not only develop in depth in the same type of post, but also choose to mobilize among different departments to master a number of skills to achieve horizontal development.

Salary and welfare system

★Employees enjoy a variety of national statutory holidays, as well as paid annual leave and paid sick leave. All policies of the company comply with local government laws and regulations.

HwaGen will purchase all kinds of social insurances (old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, medical insurance) for employees and pay housing accumulation fund.

HwaGen will provide competitive remuneration packages according to employees’qualification, expertise and work experience. 

Recruitment position

HwaGen is a young high-tech company. We are looking for new, talented and experienced people to join our team.

At present, we have the following positions open for recruitment. If you are interested, please send your resume to     

If conditions match, we will contact you and arrange an interview.