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      HwaGen 's R&D team is led by domestic elites, guided by foreign experts and returnee experts. Through resource integration, it forms a R&D team with outstanding specialty and clear division of labors. It mainly undertakes medium-term and long-term development projects that have a significant impact on the company's development strategy, steadily advancing and seamlessly linking from small-scale research, kilogram level to pilot scale-up. HwaGen undertakes project establishment, laboratory research, pilot scale-up, production transformation, technical supports and registration of related drugs.
      HwaGen has more than 40 employees, including 6 doctors and 4 masters. The company is equipped with complete instruments and equipment including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, liquid-mass spectrometry, high-pressure liquid chromatography and preparation system.            
      HwaGen systematically integrates advanced technologies and means such as enzymatic catalysis, microchannel reactor, chiral metal catalysis, organic catalysis and so on, and each department is equipped with professional R&D personnel. In recent years, it has undertaken nearly thirty research projects at national, provincial, ministerial and municipal levels.