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      Shenzhen HwaGen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (HwaGen Pharma) was founded in December of 2015 under the leadership of Dr. Weiping Ye. By leveraging its core competency in chiral synthesis, enzymatic catalysis and continuous flow micro reactor, HwaGen Pharmaceutical is dedicated to development and manufacturing of specialty and niche intermediates and APIs covering various therapeutic areas including oncology, antiviral and respiratory, delivering high value-added and affordable products for global pharmaceutical industry. 

      The company is located at Shenzhen Pingshan Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park with a 6,500 m2 R&D center and over 500 employees, among whom there are over 200 R&D staff (synthesis and analysis). Equipments for Analysis & Test include Tabletop NMR, LC-MS, GC and HPLC, and our advanced synthesizing equipments include IKA Parallel Reactor, Preparative Liquid Chromatography and Corning G1 Micro-channel Reactor